Top 20 Hotels in Colombo.

Top 20 Hotels in Colombo.

In case you are traveling Sri Lanka, you cannot abandon the commercial city of this country. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and is the heart of the country it attracts lots of visitors. Colombo has some of the unique sightseeings.

With the opening of Lotus Tower, Colombo is expected to gain more travelers. Nonetheless, Colombo has a lot of hotels, homestays, and villas that you can stay during your trip. With lots of options still you can get confused, therefore I am listing out the top 101 hotels in Colombo.

This includes budget hotels in Colombo, 3-star hotels in Colombo, 4 star, and luxurious 5-star hotels in Colombo.

NOTE: I have numbered the hotels but it isn’t for ranking of the hotels. This is just more of a numbered system, hotels are ordered randomly.

1 – Marino Beach Colombo

Marino Beach is a fascinating hotel situated in the heart of Colombo. Located just on the beach you can expect good sea view rooms from Marino Beach. Marino has a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool (infinity), a fitness center and a bar in Colombo.

The views are just fine and the hotel itself has 300+ rooms to suit your travel needs. Marino Beach is a good hotel option in Colombo, whether your travel is for business for pleasure. You can consider this hotel as a luxury stay in Colombo.

2- Shangri-La Hotel Colombo

The Shangri-la group of hotels has lots of hotels all around the world. They were smart enough to invest in Sri Lanka because of the rate of increase in tourism. Shangri-La Hotel is located just in front of Galle Face Green hence has a perfect beach view in their rooms.

Shangri-la Colombo has 541 rooms, 41 being serviced apartments, in its inventory to suit your travel needs in Colombo. It also has the largest even space in Colombo. You can consider Shangri-La as a luxury hotel in Colombo.

3- Cinnamon Red Colombo

Cinnamon group of hotels has its properties all around Sri Lanka, serving the best. Cinnamon Red offers a modern and comfortable stay in Colombo. Despite being on a little bit budget side than the rest, Cinnamon Red features an infinity pool.

Cinnamon Red holds 8.8 fabulous ratings in Booking. Located in Kollupitya, the views are just ok. You can consider Cinnamon red as a more of a 3 star plus stay in Colombo.

4- Fairway Colombo

Fairway Colombo is located in Colombo, 700 meters from Khan Clock Tower and 2.4 km from U.S. Embassy. Fairway Colombo is rated 8.6 fabulous in Booking and is a 4-star hotel in Colombo. Fairway Colombo has around 190 rooms, rooftop bar and bistro, and gym.

There is no swimming pool present here, if you are looking for one this isn’t the one. You can expect a decent view and good overall customer service.

5- Movenpick Hotel Colombo

Famous vlogger, Harald Baldr stayed here. He enjoyed the view and the restaurant which offered him tasty food. Movenpick hotel is more on the side of luxury stay but offers decent value for money. Movenpick Hotel Colombo is located in the central business and shopping district off Galle Road and is just 35 minutes from the airport.

Movenpick hotel offers up to 219 rooms for your stay in Colombo. If you are looking for a good hotel in Colombo, Movenpick is a good choice to consider. Not to mention, it has a stunning rooftop infinity pool.

6- Mandarina Colombo

Mandarina is a 4-star hotel in Colombo rated has 8.4 ratings in Booking. Every guest can find an abundance of business centers, healthcare centers, restaurants and entertainment venues within an easy and convenient distance from the hotel.

Mandarina Colombo also has an infinity pool which is an added benefit. Mandarina Colombo has overall good and friendly staff and successfully has a good name. Consider this as a not so luxury not so costly hotel in Colombo for your stay.

7- Ozo Colombo

OZO Colombo is centrally located close to Bambalapitiya Railway Station. Ozo Colombo is situated in front of the Indian ocean resulting in good ocean view rooms.

Ozo has 8.4 ratings in booking with lots of reviews mentioning the view and customer service as fabulous. Ozo Colombo is a kind of luxury stay in Colombo but it has room categories that will give you options.

8- Taj Samudra

Taj Samudra hotel in Colombo faces the historic Galle Face Green. Thus, it has an excellent ocean view making it one of the famous hotels in Colombo. Taj Samudra has around 300 rooms accommodating visitors all around the globe.

Taj Samudra is a luxury five-star hotel with a Swimming pool also featuring 11 Acres of Lush Gardens. If you are looking for a good 5-star hotel in Colombo, Taj might be the move.

9- Cinnamon Lakeside

Another Cinnamon hotel to take the place is Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo. Cinnamon Lakeside is located along the banks of Beira Lake in Colombo, 10 minutes’ drive from Crescat Boulevard shopping mall.

It is one of the hotels which incurred damage in Easter bombings but later fully recovered within weeks. Coming from Cinnamon, this hotel is a luxurious option to stay. Cinnamon Lakeside has a swimming pool and is rated 8.5 on the Booking.

10 – The Galadari Hotel

Hotel Galadari is close to Galle Face Green, hence has a good view of the Indian Ocean. Galadari is a well-known hotel in Colombo, which attracts more middle east travelers. Galadari opened its door back in 1984.

Galadari is a 5-star hotel with a 7.0 Good rating in Booking. Galadari is just below luxury.

11 – Galle Face Hotel

This iconic and colonial-style hotel was built in 1864 and it is rated as a 4-star hotel. Galle Face Hotel, as the name suggests, is situated very closely to Galle Face Green with a stunning sea view. They claim “No visit to Sri Lanka is complete without staying at this majestic hotel, built-in 1864 and recently restored to its former glory”.

Galle Face Hotel is rated 8.9 on Booking which is overwhelming.

12 – Great Southern Hotel (GSH)

GSH is a 3-star hotel in Colombo. Located in Galle Road it is just 10 minutes away from the city. Where there is nothing more interesting here, you can get a good night’s stay for the best rate possible.

The staff here is very friendly and helpful. View available is a city view or else sea-side rooms. If you are looking for a budget hotel in Colombo go for GSH.

13 – Hotel Fairview

People mistake this with Fairway, but this is Fairview. Fairview has 8.6 ratings on Booking and the hotel is considered as a 3-star hotel. Fairview belongs to the Tangerine group of hotels.

Fairview is located in Wellawatte, therefore, the beach is nearby. There is no swimming pool and if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Colombo this might be the move.

14 – The Kingsbury

Kingsbury is located between Galle Face Green, the World Trade Centre, and the Dutch Hospital Precinct. Kingsbury is on the luxury side and it is rated as 5 star hotel with 8.6 ratings on Booking.

Kingsbury does have a good swimming pool along with an ocean view. Highly recommended for someone who likes to stay luxury.

15 – Cinnamon Grand

This is the third hotel in this list coming from the Cinnamon group of hotels. Cinnamon Grand is a luxurious 5 Star City Hotel located in the center of Colombo and the heart of tourist and commercial hubs like the World Trade Centre, National Museum and Iconic temples.

Cinnamon Grand has a rating of very good 8.4 in Booking. Cinnamon Grand does feature a Swimming pool in case you are looking for that.

16 – The Steuart by Citrus

The Steuart by Citrus is a 3 star plus decent hotel in Colombo. The old ‘Steuart House’, a colonial building in Colombo 01 that housed the head-quarters of George Steuart & Co. Ltd, the country’s oldest mercantile institution, was transformed into a boutique business hotel in July 2015.

While there is no swimming pool here, you can expect city view rooms for fair rates. The view includes the iconic view of the new Lotus Tower.

17 – Jetwing Colombo Seven

Jetwing 7 comes from Jetwing Group of Hotels which has its properties all around Sri Lanka. Jetwing Colombo Seven has one of the finest infinity pools on the rooftop.

Overall decent and a kind of luxury stay you can expect from Jetwing Seven.

18 – Earl’s Red

Earls Red is situated close to R Premadasa Stadium and is considered as a 3-star hotel in Colombo. It has good 7.7 ratings on Booking and it is one of their top picks.

They serve American breakfast, don’t expect a Swimming pool though. Earl’s Red is on the value for money category.

19 – Paradise Road Tintagel

Paradise Road Tintagel is a unique and private hotel, situated in the heart of Colombo’s most elite neighborhood. A former colonial residence, Paradise Road Tintagel Colombo features boutique-style suites.

Tintagel is a luxury stay option as it is also rated 5 star. It holds a superb 9.2 rating on Booking.

20 – Best Western Elyon

Another 3 star value for money hotel on the list. There is nothing mind-blowing to mention, the hotel has a 7.5 rating on Booking. It also has the advantage of being under the Best Western group of hotels.

5 Most Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka

5 Most Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great travel destination for your vacation. It is the #1 Country to Travel to by Lonely Planet.

Sri Lanka is a great travel destination for your vacation. It is the #1 Country to Travel to by Lonely Planet.

explore the sigiriya with

While it has so many beautiful places that you should visit it can be confusing what you should go for. Therefore, I have shortlisted the 5 most beautiful places that you should visit in Sri Lanka.


Sigiriya is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it lives up to its history. It was the ruling capital of King Kasyapa. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.

You have to take long but thrilling stairs to climb up top. On the way, you will find some of the masterpieces, the paints of Sigiriya. Photographs are not allowed here. Once you have climbed up top you can see the lively ruins of Lion’s rock. Enjoy the view as you can find such a dramatic view only from Sigiriya.

Q: How far is Sigiriya from the Airport?

A: It is about 150KM and will take around 4 hours to reach the site.


If you like wildlife and nature, Yala National Park should be the next beautiful place in Sri Lanka that you should visit. It is the home for leopards and you can find wild elephants everywhere.

You will be taking a Yala Jeep Safari to explore the wildlife here and it is totally worth it. Photographs are allowed here, you can interact with animals with precautions.

The park is located on the southeast coast of the island.


As the third beautiful place to visit in Sri Lanka, we have Bentota, which is famous for its beaches. The coastal city has exciting beaches, luxury hotels, and untouched beauty.

You can spend your day at the beach, enjoying the sun. Later of the day, you can pay a visit to Galle Fort it is close by to Bentota. Then you can engage in water activities. Bentota is famous for its water activities among tourists. Last but not least don’t forget to visit the turtles.


If you like hill stations and breath-taking sceneries then Nuwara Eliya is the most beautiful place in Sri Lanka that you should visit. It has a special name, called little England for its old British colonial buildings like the Queen’s Cottage and the General’s House.

If you like hill stations and breath-taking sceneries then Nuwara Eliya is the most beautiful place in Sri Lanka that you should visit. It has a special name, called little England for its old British colonial buildings like the Queen’s Cottage and the General’s House.


Mirissa is another beachside situated on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Unlike other cities, Mirissa welcomes the whales and encourages tourists to watch them.

Mirissa is another beachside situated on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Unlike other cities, Mirissa welcomes the whales and encourages tourists to watch them.

Therefore, those were the top 5 beautiful places in Sri Lanka that you should visit. Do you know something else, how was your experience traveling these places? Let us know in the comments section.

Types of Tour Guides & Drivers in Sri Lanka.

Types of TOur Guides & Drivers in Sri Lanka.

To be a Tour Guide or Tour Driver in Sri Lanka the guide must have a license from Tourism Development Authority under the Ministry of Tourism (Sri Lanka Tourist Board and Guides Association).

Here in Sri Lanka, we have different types of tour guides and drivers. We have listed out the 5 main types of tour guides and drivers.

1 – Licensed Site Guide(s)

These guides are specialized in a particular tourist destination. You can find a lot of Licensed Site Guides primarily in the Cultural Triangle, such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, and Dambulla, as well as in the Kandy temples.

You can find different language speaking site guides too.

2 – Licensed Tour Guides

Licensed Tour Guides are categorized into two.

i – Chauffeur Guides – They handle small groups from 1-7 pax. They drive their own vehicle, which varies from Luxury Cars to mini air-conditioned vans, and guides the tourist.

ii – National Guide Lecturer – National tourist guides commonly handle large groups of tourists and travelers in large tourist coaches driven by a dedicated driver.

EXCURSION GUIDES: These types of guides are allowed to guide main tourist destinations. This includes a one-day excursion or a certain number of few days.

3 – Licensed Tour Drivers in Sri Lanka

These drivers are approved by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authorities and Tourist Board. This is one of the most secure ways to travel since these tour drivers are monitored by the tourist board of Sri Lanka. In case of any disputes, the tourist board of Sri Lanka will directly take legal action for you.

They are limited to taking the tourist to various tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Licensed Tour Drivers usually use site guides in these tourist destinations.

If they are engaged in tours, they are allowed only to drive regardless of how much experience and information they have in the tourism industry of Sri Lanka.

4 – Standard Drivers in Sri Lanka

If you are on a tight budget, Standard Drivers are the go-to. Despite not having an authorized tourist board license they can be a great transport solution for transfers.

The fluency of English depends from person to person. They are not authorized to engage in guiding archeological sites & tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.

5 – Taxi Operators (including airport counters at Bandaranaike Airport)

There are many taxi services that operate in Sri Lanka.

They range from luxury cars and SUVs to Vans, to the very popular mini Tata Nano cars used by many taxi services. They are allowed, to drive tourists but you should not hire them as guides.

Colombo! The Capital of Sri Lanka.

Colombo! The capital Of Sri Lanka.

As Sri Lanka’s largest city, Colombo is the gateway to the beautiful island nation. With so many great places to visit in Sri Lanka, your first instinct might be to skip over Colombo, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find it definitely worth exploring. I had one day in Colombo and found that to be a really good length of time. With such a rich history and the number of times it has changed control, Sri Lanka has ended up becoming a melting pot of cultures.

explore the colombo with srilanka tour drivers.

As I found, you can be visiting an intricate Hindu shrine one minute, an historical government building the next, followed by a Muslim mosque. There’s some incredible diversity in Sri Lanka.

If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka, spend your first (or last) day discovering the best things to do Colombo. Stay somewhere central (within spitting distance of Fort and Beira Lake ideally), walk to the spots nearby, and get tuk-tuks everywhere else. My Colombo experience was on my last day in Sri Lanka and this is everything I saw. If you’re not sure what to do in Colombo, I hope this guide is helpful.

Best Beaches In Sri Lanka.

Best Beaches In SriLanka.

Beaches are very refreshing, soak in the sunshine and enjoy the salty air that will hit you now and then. Exciting seafood will spice up your beach sunbath!

Sri Lanka has some of the exotic beaches which are very famous among travelers. Here are some of the best beaches in Sri Lanka from which you can get the best beach experience.

explore the srilanka beaches with srilanka tour drivers

1. Unawatuna

Unawatuna has a clam blue sea and is also one of the most visited beaches in Sri Lanka. The unique selling point of this beach is that one could spot a whale shark if lucky.

The beach has sunbed for rent and you can witness locals and foreigners collectively. Some of the hotels in Unawatuna are actually on the beach, the sand. Not only that Unawatuna also has some great activities that you can do.

Unawatuna is like 150 km away from Bandaranaike International Airport.

2. Bentota

Bentota has some of the best beach resorts, medical centers, and relaxing spas. Bentota is very less crowded and the beach is very relaxing. But the beach is very popular and also is on the list of best beaches in Sri Lanka.

If you like water sports or activities Bentota has them all, ranging from Banana boat rides to full-on river safaris. You can relax in the ayurvedic center or experience them yourself since they are considered to give a new refreshing feel.

3. Mirissa

Mirissa is a nice beach in Sri Lanka and is very famous for Whale Watching. Mirissa beach has good views but mostly this is a very ideal beach for swimming in Sri Lanka.

The tropical beach hosts the Whale Watching, cause of that you can expect more crowd than Bentota beach. You can also hire a boat and go fishing with the locals near the coral reefs.

4. Galle

Galle beach is an architectural beauty. It is one of the most visited beaches in Sri Lanka, famous for the Galle fort and people like to have a view of the historic ruins. If you see a lighthouse picture of Sri Lanka, then most probably it belongs to Galle.

You can experience the local culture by paying a visit to the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex. Galle is a crowded beach and you can enjoy the sun here.

5. Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is a beach famous for Hikkaduwa Beach Festival and Coral boat rides. The beach has some of the plushest hotels and night clubs and the beach is often crowded by foreigners.

The beach is not ideal for swimming, hence it’s named as untouched natural beach.

6. Negombo

Negombo is the easiest to visit the beach on this list. Being close to the airport it attracts plenty of tourists and the beach itself is peaceful and relaxing.

The city of Negombo still shows Dutch characteristics in its architecture. On your visit don’t forget to visit the famous St. Mary’s church and engage in a fishing tour with the locals.

7. Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a famous surfing spot in Sri Lanka. The beach is famous for surfing and there is a big community of surfers in Arugam Bay.

Arugam is an open beach, with that being said underwater photography and the makes out the best chilling spot to watch surfing. If you are on the right timing you can watch migrating birds which will be astonishing.

8. Trincomalee

Trincomalee is a beach you should visit if you like to see stunning temples. The harbor is very famous for its trade and cargo.

This beach has some water sports that you can engage in. Located on a different side of the map you can find a whole new beach with exciting views and more.

9. Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia beach is famous for snorkeling and diving. The beach is also considered as Sri Lankan’s main sea-bathing spot. The beach is swimmable and also has some amazing sunset views. But swimming can be done during certain times of the year apart from that the sea can be pretty rough.

Mount Lavinia is closeby to the airport it is a great way to enjoy a great beach holiday.

10. Tangalle

Tangalle is considered as Maldives of Sri Lanka. Tangalle is filled with attractive places and sandy beaches. One of the main reasons for its hype and popularity is its alluring beaches which never fail to capture one’s attention. It has rugged, strong waves and creates such an impression on a person’s mind that they just rejoice.

Apart from that diving is also a possibility in Tangalle.

11. Passikuda

Passikuda is an exciting white sand beach shaded by the palm trees on this list. Passikuda is very famous for snorkeling and the beach is surrounded by luxury resorts.

The beach is best known for swimming. It is safe for both beginners and experts.

12. Weligama

Weligama is one of the best beach places on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. The beach is also calm and surfing is also an option here.

Weligama beach is perfect to enjoy diving and snorkeling but doesn’t forget to enjoy the most amazing views of stilt fishing.

Weligama beach is perfect to enjoy diving and snorkeling but doesn’t forget to enjoy the most amazing views of stilt fishing.

Places To Visit in SriLanka

Places To Visit in SriLanka

Lonely Planet listed Sri Lanka as #1 Travel Destination for 2019. We expect Sri Lanka to be #1 again in twenty-twenty. Sri Lanka has a wide variety of places to visit for travelers.

From exotic beaches, refreshing hill country and scenic train rides, you can find your dream destination in Sri Lanka. Here are some of the best and beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka. The following are the top tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.


Negombo is located approximately 37 km north of the commercial capital of Colombo in Sri Lanka. It has good beaches as well as it is the closest to the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Major attractions of Negombo include Negombo Lagoon, churches, fishing and Dutch forts that you can visit.

Experiences in Negombo:


Being the commercial city of Colombo, it is the most known by travelers when it comes to top tourist places in Sri Lanka. Colombo is a busy city and your trip to Sri Lanka won’t be complete if you don’t visit Colombo.

Major attractions of Colombo include Galle Face Green, Gangaramaya Temple, Lotus tower and Old Parliament.

Experiences in Colombo:


Sigiriya is known for the lion rock fortress, which is considered as the Eight Wonder of the World. Sigiriya holds a very good spot in the list of places to visit in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is around 170 KM far from Colombo, which you can reach in little more than 4 hours.

Major attractions of Sigiriya include Lion Rock Fortress, Minneriya Nation Park (closeby), Hot Air Balloon, Dambulla Cave Temple, and more…

Experiences in Sigiriya:

04 – KANDY

Kandy is the hill capital of Sri Lanka. Kandy has a dominant place in the history of Sri Lanka, now Kandy records a good interest from the travelers. Kandy is around 120KM away from Colombo, it will take a little more than 2 hours to reach Kandy.

Major attractions of Kandy include Temple of Tooth Relic and Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (closeby)

Experiences in Kandy:


This place to visit in Sri Lanka is often considered as a little england. The place has stunning views which are excellent for photographs not to mention the chilling climate. Nuwara Eliya is about 170 KM away from Colombo and will take around a little more than 5 hours to get there, but trust us it is worth the travel.

Major attractions in Nuwara Eliya include Lake Gregory, Victoria Park and more.

Experiences in Nuwara Eliya:

06 – ELLA

Ella is about 300 KM away from Colombo, considering the distance you should take the World’s Best Train ride which starts from Nanu Oya. Ella is another popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka, mostly know for its train ride.

Major attractions in Ella include Ravana’s Cave, Nine Arch Bridge & Ravana Falls.

Experiences in Ella:

07 – YALA

If you like wildlife then Yala is the best destination that you should be considering to visit in Sri Lanka. From animals ranging from elephants to leopards are easy to be witnessed here. Yala National Park is a well-preserved forest reserve.

Experiences in Yala:

08: Udawalawe

Udawalawe is situated in the boundary of Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces, in Sri Lanka. Udawalawa National Park is well known for elephants and water birds. The park is a 4 hours drive from Colombo.

The prominent advantage over Minneriya Natural Park is that you can see elephants in close quarters.

You can easily find accommodation as most hotels are located near the park entrance. You can also have a look at the Udawalawe Reservoir after the safari.

Experiences in Udawalawe:


Mirissa is a very less crowded tourist place in Sri Lanka. Mirissa is famous for two things; 1. Whale Watching, 2. The beaches. Mirissa has beautiful beaches and you can enjoy that in the dazzling sun. Enjoy your Whale Watching in the afternoon then later in the day enjoy your time on the beaches.

Experiences in Mirissa:


Bentota is situated on the down south of Sri Lanka. From Colombo, Bentota is about 100 KM far and takes around 2 hours to get there. Once you are there you can enjoy fascinating beaches, turtle hatchery and engage in water activities.

If you are kind of a beach person, then definitely you should add Bentota in your bucket.

Experiences in Bentota:

Those were our best places to visit in Sri Lanka. You can anytime visit these tourist places and get a great experience here in Sri Lanka. From Sri Lanka Tour Drivers, we do provide a variety of experiences that you can experience. Go check them out.

Here’s Why You Need A Tour DriverTo Travel Sri Lanka.

Traveling is beautiful, especially when you traveled with your loved ones. While there are so many options to travel to Sri Lanka outperforms all of them.

Sri Lanka has the all fundaments to full-fill any travelers dreams, starting from cities, mountains, the 8th world wonder, adventurous train rides to beaches that are calm and stunning.

why  you need sri lanka tour driver

With that being said, recent days Sri Lanka has been isolated because of Easter bombings. This has affected the entire tourism industry and also all running businesses on Sri Lanka. The situation has returned to normal, but the black mark isn’t.

Travelers from all over the world should take Sri Lanka into their consideration and choose Sri Lanka as their travel destination. We have written an article about 5 Reason Why You Should Travel Sri Lanka.

There is one important thing that you need along with the others. You need a perfect tour guide/driver to make the most out of your trip.

How Tour Drivers can improve your trip?

Tour drivers are the main reason why Sri Lanka bloomed like a flower in the tourism industry. They are the main reason why more travelers were interested to travel to Sri Lanka. Their service motive is endless, as the trip that you have been staying in your mind for the rest of your life only and mostly because of them.

You may have booked the hotels from the online portals planning out the itinerary yourself or you might have used a Travel agency who help you in doing the process. But in the endgame, it is the tour driver/the guide who take care of you. They are the ones that show a good image of the country, guide you with what is best and what is not, show you the best of the country and establish a friendly bond with you that you’ll become his friend for your entire life.

Sri Lanka tour drivers have contributed a lot for the country by helping out all the travelers who are planning to visit Sri Lanka. One you have come here, they are the ones who will be carrying you out.

For example, you might be wondering what is the best restaurant that I can have my lunch today. You have visited Sri Lanka, the internet is not working and the only thing you have in hand is your tour driver’s advice which will be the best you can get. He will guide you with the best restaurant in the city of stay according to your preference.

You might be wondering which activities are best to do in Bentota, plus in the short time of stay. The tour driver will guide with the best to suit your time frame.

Heart of the matter…

The Easter bombings have caused major chaos to the tourism industry. Watching these hotels that are built for service motive going bankrupt hurts.

The tourism board of Sri Lanka is helping out and aiding out the hotels, attractions are beings renovated, and tour agents are being provided with adequate help. They are focusing on eradicating the black mark, but sadly no one really cares about them who have helped us climb this extent by being the ladder for tourism in Sri Lanka.

What is really heartbreaking is no one is caring about them. Most of the tour drivers and guides have leasing installments to pay each month for their vehicle. All of them, almost all of them manage this alongside their child’s expenses and family responsibility. None is really concerned about their service towards the country and the hard time they are facing now. The only thing they can do is leave this industry and look for a whole new different job.

The problem here is, once the country is recovered we won’t have any of our talented, experienced and skilled tour guides/drivers. That’s the sad part which will affect our quality of service towards travelers. Don’t let our tour drivers down, let’s raise awareness about the soles that have raised tourism in Sri Lanka upto this standard.

Therefore, from Sri Lanka Tour Drivers we are taking the first step forward. Help them with your kindness by sharing this.

Best Reason Why Your Next Trip Should Be Sri Lanka

Best Reason Why Your Next Trip Should Be Sri Lanka

If you are a travel enthusiast, there’s no doubt you might have heard Sri Lanka is ranked #1 country that you should travel by Holy Grail Lonely Planet.

Thousands of travelers visit Sri Lanka every day just to make their vacation unforgettable. Sri Lanka is a country that consists of almost all of the styles and things that a traveler might need. Within hours you can visit a beach from the airport, the same applies to hill stations and train rides through the mountains.

Sri Lanka is ranked #1 country that you should travel

01 World’s Best Train Ride – Ella Train Journey

Rated as the World’s Most Beautiful Train Ride (by NerdNoMads), there are no doubts that the train from Nanu Oya to Ella is breathtaking

Travelers have always claimed this ride to be close to heart and always this will be #1 for train tour. The train ride is budget-friendly and very convenient.

We advise you to pre-book the trains on first class/second, from Sri Lanka Tour Drivers we can assist you with that.

02 Nature-Friendly Wildlife Safaries

Do you like wildlife or are you a wildlife photographer? Sri Lanka has quite a few national parks that are visited by travelers around the globe.

Book a jeep safari in Yala National Park, Minnerya National Park, Udawalawa, Kaudulla and many more! You will undisturbed wildlife animals, elephants roaming around freely, lovely birds or even you might see a real leopard.

From Sri Lanka Tour Drivers, we offer upto 20% discount on all Yala Jeep Safari booked. Kindly contact us to know more!

03 Beaches That Are Picture Perfect

No matter which part you are in Sri Lanka access is a beach is extremly close, being an island surronded by the Indian Ocean has its benefits.

The sunsets here in the beaches are breathtaking! Beaches opens the gateway for water sports. There are tons of water sports providers with various water sports involved. Some of which are famous, Mirisa Whale Watching, Snorkelling in Trincomalee and so on.

You might wanna consider the beach tour from Sri Lanka Tour Drivers, click here to view.

04 Great Temples and History

Sri Lanka has some of the greatest temples in the world, which houses buddhist religious traditions and culture. Sri Lanka attracts a part of his travelers due to this.

If you like visiting historical places or temples then Sri Lanka is a great choice. The Temple of Tooth relic attracts much vistors just like water sports in Bentota. All of those religous sites and temples offer you a spiritual experience that you won’t find else where.

05 Luxourios Yet Budget Friendly hotels

Last but not least, the main advantage of choosing Sri Lanka as your next travel desitination is the value that you get for your buck. Hotel accomodations in Sri Lanka is affordable, yes you read that right.

You can find hotel accomodation in Sri Lanka for almost all travel styles and budget types. Not to mention, how warm and friendly the locals are!

All set? Now view the best exclusive hotel offers from Sri Lanka Tour Drivers by clicking here..

Have you decided yet?

If you have concluded what your next travel destination would be, we thank you for selecting Sri Lanka. Questions? Doubts? Is it safe to travel Sri Lanka? You are most welcome to contact us anytime 🙂

Travelling Sri Lanka on a budget

Travelling Sri Lanka on a budget

Sri Lanka, a South Asian country attracts travelers from all around the world each year. It is often referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka has all the attractions that every traveler looking for. From oceans, beaches, commercial cities to the hill country, culture & world’s best train ride.

Hence, are you looking to travel to Sri Lanka? Are you on a budget? You are in the right place since I am going to break down where you can save money and travel to Sri Lanka on a budget.

How much money do you need to travel to Sri Lanka?

Four things you need to decide before traveling to Sri Lanka. This will determine the budget tour to Sri Lanka.


It highly depends on from which country you will visit Sri Lanka. Flight charges vary from each country. Right now at the moment of writing this article, it costs USD 250 for Air India for you to travel Sri Lanka from India, that’s the round trip rate.

Therefore, the flight rate depends on which country you are traveling from. Sri Lanka budget flight fares are offered by some specific airlines. (Eg: IndiGo)

Hotel Accommodation

Are there budget hotels in Sri Lanka? Yes, there is a lot of budget hotels in Sri Lanka! You can find cheap budget homestays, 2, 3 and 4-star accommodation to up to 5 stars luxurious.

In case you are looking for a budget hotel in Sri Lanka, that highly depends on what is your budget? For example, Hotel Lindaura in Negombo costs you USD 50 per night. Lindaura is rated 3 stars and it is one of the budget hotels in Negombo.

Every major location in Sri Lanka has hotels that will suit your budget. As you are traveling Sri Lanka on a budget, it is ideal to check the prices, pictures, and location of the hotel before making a booking.


Service motived drivers are a lot in Sri Lanka. But private transport or public transport? My recommendation, go for a private one. Public transport in Sri Lanka is slow and crowded most of the time. Trust me you wouldn’t have a good time on these buses.

On the other hand, don’t overpay the transport that you have rented. There’s a lot of rent a car service in Sri Lanka. The basic rate will be $40 per day for a normal budget car for two people with the chauffeur. Stick to your budget and don’t overpay.


After booking flights, hotels, and transport now its time for you to add the money that you will bring on hand to spend. Having a tight budget? Just skip the expensive activities, go for affordable ones.

Stay on the beach instead of going for Whale Watching. While the experience is good, but you can save up that money and go for better hotel accommodation.

Q: How much money to take to Sri Lanka?

A: Depends on what location you will stay, how many days you are staying and what activities you will be doing.

Now that you have figured this out, you might be happy that your budget tour to Sri Lanka is ready. But instead of going through all this, I can recommend you go for a tour operator to get personalized support and to save time.

There is a ton of budget tour operators in Sri Lanka, choose one wisely. Look for past client reviews, talk to at least 3 tour agents.

I hope that this guide has cleared off most of your doubts and questions. Plus am sure that the main question that’s cleared here is “How much money do I need to visit Sri Lanka?”.

Here are some bonus tips that can help you travel Sri Lanka on a Budget:

  • Pre-book air tickets which offer you the free cancelation. Since air ticket price changes every day, check every week or days before your travel to get some bonus savings.
  • Look for early-bird hotel offers, once you choose an accommodation don’t book through online booking sites. Online booking sites include their commission charge it will be high. Instead, try a travel agent or contact the accommodation and negotiate. Ask for a special rate.
  • Avoid unnecessary spending. Stick to your budget and never go off the path.
  • Most hotels offer breakfast, but if they don’t try restaurants which are not too much crowded with tourists for lunch and dinner. These restaurants tend to have high prices but you can find better.
  • Don’t be shy about not buying anything. It’s your money, you own it.