Here’s Why You Need A Tour DriverTo Travel Sri Lanka.

why you need srilanka tour drivers

Traveling is beautiful, especially when you traveled with your loved ones. While there are so many options to travel to Sri Lanka outperforms all of them.

Sri Lanka has the all fundaments to full-fill any travelers dreams, starting from cities, mountains, the 8th world wonder, adventurous train rides to beaches that are calm and stunning.

why  you need sri lanka tour driver

With that being said, recent days Sri Lanka has been isolated because of Easter bombings. This has affected the entire tourism industry and also all running businesses on Sri Lanka. The situation has returned to normal, but the black mark isn’t.

Travelers from all over the world should take Sri Lanka into their consideration and choose Sri Lanka as their travel destination. We have written an article about 5 Reason Why You Should Travel Sri Lanka.

There is one important thing that you need along with the others. You need a perfect tour guide/driver to make the most out of your trip.

How Tour Drivers can improve your trip?

Tour drivers are the main reason why Sri Lanka bloomed like a flower in the tourism industry. They are the main reason why more travelers were interested to travel to Sri Lanka. Their service motive is endless, as the trip that you have been staying in your mind for the rest of your life only and mostly because of them.

You may have booked the hotels from the online portals planning out the itinerary yourself or you might have used a Travel agency who help you in doing the process. But in the endgame, it is the tour driver/the guide who take care of you. They are the ones that show a good image of the country, guide you with what is best and what is not, show you the best of the country and establish a friendly bond with you that you’ll become his friend for your entire life.

Sri Lanka tour drivers have contributed a lot for the country by helping out all the travelers who are planning to visit Sri Lanka. One you have come here, they are the ones who will be carrying you out.

For example, you might be wondering what is the best restaurant that I can have my lunch today. You have visited Sri Lanka, the internet is not working and the only thing you have in hand is your tour driver’s advice which will be the best you can get. He will guide you with the best restaurant in the city of stay according to your preference.

You might be wondering which activities are best to do in Bentota, plus in the short time of stay. The tour driver will guide with the best to suit your time frame.

Heart of the matter…

The Easter bombings have caused major chaos to the tourism industry. Watching these hotels that are built for service motive going bankrupt hurts.

The tourism board of Sri Lanka is helping out and aiding out the hotels, attractions are beings renovated, and tour agents are being provided with adequate help. They are focusing on eradicating the black mark, but sadly no one really cares about them who have helped us climb this extent by being the ladder for tourism in Sri Lanka.

What is really heartbreaking is no one is caring about them. Most of the tour drivers and guides have leasing installments to pay each month for their vehicle. All of them, almost all of them manage this alongside their child’s expenses and family responsibility. None is really concerned about their service towards the country and the hard time they are facing now. The only thing they can do is leave this industry and look for a whole new different job.

The problem here is, once the country is recovered we won’t have any of our talented, experienced and skilled tour guides/drivers. That’s the sad part which will affect our quality of service towards travelers. Don’t let our tour drivers down, let’s raise awareness about the soles that have raised tourism in Sri Lanka upto this standard.

Therefore, from Sri Lanka Tour Drivers we are taking the first step forward. Help them with your kindness by sharing this.