Types Of Vehicle

Flex (3 passengers):

The Flex is a versatile vehicle designed to accommodate up to 3 passengers comfortably. Ideal for maneuvering through urban landscapes, this compact option offers agility and efficiency. In Sri Lanka, popular models include the Suzuki Alto and the Perodua Axia.

Mini (3 passengers):

The Mini is a compact yet stylish vehicle tailored for the needs of three passengers. Known for its fuel efficiency and ease of parking, the Mini is a popular choice in Sri Lanka, with models such as the Suzuki wagon R and stringray ,Spacia ,Aqua.

Car (4 passengers):

Designed for small groups, the Car comfortably seats up to 4 passengers. With a balance of efficiency and space, popular Sri Lankan models in this category include the Toyota Prius and the Honda Fit.

Minivan (5 passengers):

The Minivan is a versatile option for families or small groups, accommodating up to 5 passengers. In Sri Lanka, the Toyota Noah and the Honda Freed are among the favored choices for their ample space and comfortable seating.

Van (6 passengers):

The Van is a reliable choice for groups of up to 6 passengers, offering a spacious interior for a comfortable journey. Sri Lankan models such as the Nissan Caravan and the Toyota Hiace are well-regarded for their durability and passenger capacity.

High Roof Van(8 passengers):

Ideal for larger groups, the High Roof Van provides seating for up to 8 passengers with the added benefit of ample headroom. In Sri Lanka, models like the Nissan NV350 and the Toyota Commuter are popular for their generous space and passenger accommodations.