How It’s Work

How It Works

Step 1: Traveler Submits Inquiry:

-The journey begins when a traveler interested in exploring the beauty of Sri Lanka submits their travel inquiry through the “Srilankatourdrivers” app.

Step 2: Inquiry Sharing:

-Once the traveler submits their inquiry, it is shared with a network of registered tour drivers on “Srilankatourdrivers” app.

Step 3: Drivers Place Bids:

-Tour drivers interested in providing their services review the travel inquiry details and place competitive bids on the inquiry.

Step 4: Traveler Reviews Bids:

-The traveler receives multiple bids from tour drivers and has the opportunity to review each bid along with the driver’s profile, ratings, and any additional information provided.

Step 5: Traveler Selects a Tour Driver:

-The traveler selects the tour driver who best meets their preferences and requirements. This decision could be based on factors such as bid amount, driver ratings, and personalized messages from the drivers.

Step 6: Contacting the Chosen Tour Driver:

-After selecting a tour driver, the traveler can easily initiate contact with the chosen driver through the “Srilankatourdrivers” app. This communication allows the traveler to discuss further details, ask questions, and finalize the tour arrangements.

Step 7: Tour Booking Agreement:

-The traveler and the selected tour driver collaborate to finalize the tour details, including itinerary, dates, and any specific requests. acts as a facilitator in connecting travelers with tour drivers but is not involved in the monetary transactions.

Step 8: Payment Arrangements:

-The financial aspects, including payment arrangements, are solely between the traveler and the chosen tour driver. does not handle payments and is not responsible for financial transactions.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Tour:

-With the tour details settled, the traveler can look forward to an exciting journey exploring the wonders of Sri Lanka with their chosen tour driver.

Note serves as a platform connecting travelers with tour drivers, providing a convenient and efficient way for travelers to find personalized tour services. While we facilitate connections, we do not mediate or interfere in the financial transactions between travelers and tour drivers.

This step-by-step guide aims to clarify the process for both travelers and tour drivers, emphasizing the role of as a facilitator in connecting parties without involvement in financial matters.