Places to Visit in Sri Lanka 2020

Lonely Planet listed Sri Lanka as #1 Travel Destination for 2019. We expect Sri Lanka to be #1 again in twenty-twenty. Sri Lanka has a wide variety of places to visit for travelers. From exotic beaches, refreshing hill country and scenic train rides, you can find your dream destination in Sri Lanka. Here are some [...]

Best Safari Places in Sri Lanka: Things to Do in Sri Lanka 2020

Sri Lanka is a great place to travel. For starters, it has almost everything that a traveler would look for and for adventure seekers Sri Lanka has some good activities. Travelers who like wildlife and safaris, Sri Lanka has some great safari places. Sri Lanka has a wide range of national parks. You’ll see a […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Sri Lanka Now

After the heartbreaking Easter attacks that took place on April 21st Sri Lanka’s tourism has skyrocketed the other way around, from that onwards things have changed here, life is returning to normal but wrong impression is still on the face of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is well known among international travelers, because of its beautiful […]

Why do Arab tourists like to visit Sri Lanka? Here’s why you should too!

Sri Lanka attracts tourists from countries all over the world. Countries from the middle east are well known for their interest in visiting Sri Lanka. Most Arab tourists are Muslims! Sri Lanka is a “friendly country” so to pray or to find halal food, it’s more convenient in a country like Sri Lanka. Not every […]

Sri Lanka still #1 country to travel – says Lonely Planet

Sri Lanka is a wonderful country to travel to. For the past years, it has welcomed travelers from all over the globe. Because of some unfortunate incidents that happened in the name of Easter attacks, it changed the picture the other way around. Since then, life has returned to normal and other countries have raised […]

Is it safe to travel Sri Lanka now? Sri Lanka Travel Advice!

Sri Lanka is well known for its travel-friendliness and almost the first option for international travelers. For the past 5 years, Sri Lanka has grown from nothing to a country with 10 million arrivals per anum. The tourism sector has grown a lot in quantity as well as quality. With that being said, the heartbreaking […]

How To Get Free Visa to Sri Lanka (Travel Now!)

As said by the great Danish author Hans Christian, “To travel, is to live”, traveling is one of the most quintessential things in everyone’s life. For the last decade, Sri Lanka has established a very good repute in the travel industry, attracting many travelers by giving them a memory that will prevail throughout their life. […]

Here’s Why You Need A Tour Driver to Travel Sri Lanka

Traveling is beautiful, especially when you traveled with your loved ones. While there are so many options to travel to Sri Lanka outperforms all of them. Sri Lanka has the all fundaments to full-fill any travelers dreams, starting from cities, mountains, the 8th world wonder, adventurous train rides to beaches that are calm and stunning. […]