Welcome to Sri Lanka! If you’re planning to visit this beautiful island nation, you’ll need to navigate the visa process. Here’s a simple guide to help you understand the visa types available and the step-by-step approach to obtaining one:

Visa Types for Tourists:

1. Sri Lanka Tourist Visa:

Purpose: sightseeing, holidaying, visiting friends and relatives.

Note: You are not allowed to work with this visa.

2. Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA):

Purpose: Valid for tourism, business, or transit.

Application: Online through the official ETA website.

Validity: Obtainable before arrival or on arrival at the airport

Step-by-Step Approach:

1. Determine Your Purpose:

Identify if your visit is for tourism, business, or other purposes.

2. Check eligibility:

Visit the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration and Emigration website to confirm eligibility based on your nationality.

3. Gather Required Documents:

Ensure you have a valid passport (with a minimum six-month validity).

Provide proof of sufficient funds.

Present a return flight ticket or onward travel itinerary.

Include documents supporting the purpose of your trip (e.g., hotel bookings or a business invitation).

4. Apply for the Visa:

For ETA:

Apply online through the official ETA website.

Complete the application form and pay the fee.

Await processing and check the outcome via email or the official website.

For Embassy Visa:

Contact the nearest Sri Lankan embassy or consulate.

Complete the application form, submit required documents, and pay the visa fee.

The embassy/consulate will forward your application for processing.

5. Arrival in Sri Lanka:

For ETA Holders:

Present ETA, passport, return flight ticket, and proof of funds to immigration officers upon arrival.

For Embassy Visa Holders:

Show your passport with the visa stamp, along with the return flight ticket and proof of funds.

Remember, visa requirements can vary based on your nationality and purpose of visit. For the latest and country-specific guidelines, check the official website of the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration and Emigration.

Safe travels and enjoy your time in Sri Lanka! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at